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Liquid Metal

Namo Alloys Pvt. Ltd. – Manesar is a new age technically advanced plant. This plant is the first plant in India with the futuristic idea of providing its customer Liquid Molten Metal. With its new product and advanced transfer facility, this plant is a trend setter for this industry. It has a capacity of 700 MT/month.

Liquid Metal systems that are liquid at room temperature have a high degree of thermal conductivity far superior to ordinary nonmetallic liquids. This results in the use of these materials for specific heat conducting and/or dissipation applications. Other advantages of these liquid alloy systems are their inherent high densities and electrical conductivities.


Typical applications for these materials (Non-ferrous metal manufacturers in delhi) include thermostats, switches, barometers, heat transfer systems, and thermal cooling and heating designs. Uniquely, they can be used to conduct heat and/or electricity between non-metallic and metallic surfaces.

  • What is the advantage of liquid metal?

    Liquid metals transfer heat much better than solid metals, because convection adds to the conduction for heat transfer.

    They do not need to be at pressure to transfer heat in the range the core is effective.

    Properly chosen, you can guarantee the maximum temperature of the bulk fluid by choosing the boiling point, assuring the surface temperature and fuel temperature are always within spec while the metal is in the core.

  • What are the different uses of liquid metals?

    Liquid cooling is heat removal method used in engines, where liquid is used as a medium of heat transfer. Comparing with Air Cooling system, liquid cooling system is more efficient due to the higher specific heat capacity, density and thermal conductivity of water.

    This allows water to transmit heat to a longer distance with much less volumetric flow of the fluid.

    Comparing with air cooling system, a stable cooling temperature is attainable in liquid cooling as cooling is not much depending on the velocity of the outside air now..!

    There are other indirect advantage to the water cooling system like relatively low noise from the engine, The water jackets around the engine will dampen the noise coming from the engine and make it quieter..!!